Seed Mix Combo Joy Spoon
Seed Mix Combo Joy Spoon

Seed Mix Combo

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Seven Seeds, Relief Munch, Sweet Neem:100 Gram Each

Enjoy the juicy richness of our dried plum. Each bite bursts with sun-kissed sweetness and wholesome delight!


Dried Plums, Sunflower Oil

Does Not Contain

No Supari, No Preservatives, No Artificial Flavour

Usage Info

Enjoy as a midday snack or freshen up your breath post-meal.

Key Benefits
  • Seven Seeds: This nutrient powerhouse is packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, providing an excellent energy boost. Perfect for those who enjoy millet, this mix ensures you get a healthy dose of essential nutrients.
  • Relief Munch: Enjoy a refreshing treat that aids digestion, reduces acid reflux, and freshens your breath. This versatile mix also fits well into traditional Gujarati mukhwas and Marwadi mukhwas routines, offering a modern twist on classic flavours.
  • Sweet Neem: A jaggery-based palate cleanser that supports oral hygiene and aids digestion. This mix is ideal for those looking for a flavourful Seed Mix Mukhwas that combines health benefits with great taste.
Allergen Information

This product may contain seeds, nuts, lentils, soya & gluten.